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Black Gold 1490102.Q8P Compost and Manure
Black Gold Perlite 1490102.Q8P, 8 qt, Bag, Solid
Our Price: $4.99

Used to improve aeration and drainage. Moisture and nutrient retention, ideal for starting seeds, root cuttings or store bulbs. Can also be used for making Hypertufa planters. Does not degrade over time.
Our Price: $4.99

100 percent natural, fast acting fine powder. Neutralizes soil acidity and enhances fertilizer effects.. Supplies calcium and magnesium to vegetable and flower gardens.
Garden Magic 5240 Compost and Manure
Garden Magic 5240 Compost and Manure, 40 lb, Bag, Light Brown to Dark Brown, Solid
Our Price: $5.39

Odor-free blend of natural organic reed sedge peat and composted animal manure. Provides a natural nutrient content. Used for top dressing for lawns and planting beds, nursery planting, and composting of yard waste. Must be ordered in multiples to comply with Bagged Goods Program.
Pavestone 54801 Soil Conditioner
Pavestone 54801 Soil Conditioner, 40 lb, Bag, White, Pellet
Our Price: $5.69

Sweetens soil, dissolves quickly. Easy to apply, use any spreader. Dust-free, and non-burning. Must be ordered in multiples to comply with Bagged Goods Program.
Black Gold 1411602 1 CFL P Garden Compost
Black Gold 1411602 1 CFL P Garden Compost, 30 lb, Bag, Solid
Our Price: $6.99

Nutrient rich compost ideal for improving your garden's soil or for use as an above ground mulch. A mixture of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, forest humus and aged compost will increase vegetable yields and blooms in your flower beds. OMRI listed?.
Baccto 1550 Topsoil
Baccto 1550 Topsoil, 50 lb, Bag, Light Brown to Dark Brown, Solid
Our Price: $7.59

Use for top-dressing lawns and patch work, planting beds, and shrub and tree transplant mixtures. Helps maintain moisture, microbial, and nutritional balance. Organic matter holds nutrients. Helps maintain good supplies of water. Dark blend of reed sedge peat and sand. Loosens heavy soils. Must be ordered in multiples to comply with Bagged Goods Program.
Bonide Garden Rich Soil Conditioner
Bonide Garden Rich Soil Conditioner, 4 lb, Bag, White
Our Price: $8.99

Helps lower soil pH for acid loving plants such as azaleas, camellias, gardenias, hemlock, hydrangeas, holly and more. Includes easy-to-follow chart. Works in all soil types.
Black Gold 1491302 Soil Conditioner
Black Gold 1491302 Soil Conditioner, 50 lb, Bag, Solid
Our Price: $14.99

Low salt organic material. Coconut coir pith (Just Coir). Adds organic matter to garden or flower bed. All natural water retention amendment for your planting or native soil needs. Increases water holding capacity to a sandy soil. Can be blended with other "Black Gold" soils. OMRI Listed?.
Our Price: $21.99

Landscapers Select Rapid Release Lime powered by AMP-XC is an enhanced lime product that activates faster than typical lime products to raise and balance pH levels in acidic soils. Balancing your soil pH reduces the toxic effects of acid soils, improves nutrient availability and creates a better soil environment for your lawn. AMP-XC is an all natural plant derived protein hydrolysate made up of essential amino acids that improves nutrient uptake, photosynthesis and root growth to strengthen against environmental stresses and improve overall plant health. Can be applied anytime, but for best results apply in the spring and fall. Annual application should continue to maintain a balanced pH level and to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.