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Spectrum HG-93194 Root Feeder
Spectrum HG-93194 Root Feeder, 2 oz, Jar
Our Price: $6.49

Grows new plants from cuttings of home, garden and greenhouse varieties. Professional rooting hormone encourages quick root development. Contains the active ingredient Indole-3-butyric acid.
Gulfstream Root Boost Rooting Powder
Gulfstream Root Boost Rooting Powder, 2 oz, Bottle, Grayish to White, Powder
Our Price: $6.49

For faster and healthier rootings. Promotes rapid earlier root growth. Contains Hormodin 1.
Bonide Bontone 925 Ready-To-Use Rooting Powder
Bonide Bontone 925 Ready-To-Use Rooting Powder, 1.25 oz, Bottle
Our Price: $6.49

Rooting hormone. Speeds root development. Ideal for transplants as well as root cuttings.
Bonide 412 Root Stimulator
Bonide 412 Root Stimulator, 1 qt, Green, Liquid
Our Price: $7.99

Hormone concentrate. Stimulates early and strong root formation. Reduces transplant shock. Promotes greener, more vigorous plants. For use on  flowers, houseplants, shrubs and trees. Weather proof packaging. Active ingredients: Ammoniacal nitrogen 4 percent, available phosphate (P2 O5) 10 percent and soluble potash 3 percent.
Bonide 969 Triple Superphosphate
Bonide 969 Triple Superphosphate, 4 lb, Bag, Gray, Granular
Our Price: $9.99

Provides a readily available form of phosphorous throughout the growing season. Stimulates root development and larger blooms and fruit. Use on herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.
Easy Gardener 12044D Root Feeder
Easy Gardener 12044D Heavy Duty Root Feeder, Yellow
Our Price: $37.99

Delivers food and water directly to the root zone for beautiful trees, shrubs and roses. For use with the Ross family root feeder refills.  2' x 2' (24"Wide x 24"Deep x 48"High) metal display unit on rollers for both No.70201 and No.12044D (SKU 5941653). Holds 24 root feeders and 48 54-ct refills.