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Tenax 783060 Tenax Home Fence
Tenax 783060 Tenax Home Fence, Plastic, 2 x 25 Foot
Our Price: $16.99

This alternative to galvanized wire can be used as a stand-alone fence, for added safety on balconies and decks, for compost bins, as a temporary fence around vegetable gardens or for property delineation. Mesh size: 2'' x 2''.
Tenax 711391 Tenax Hardware Net
Tenax 711391 Tenax Hardware Net, Plastic, 2 x 15 Foot
Our Price: $19.99

This alternative to metal hardware cloth can be used for repairing screens and fences, as a tree guard or gutter screen, or to cover vents and ducts. Strong enough to install as an emergency fence. Long-lasting, rust and UV resistant. Mesh size: 0.5'' x 0.5''.
Tenax 419594 Tenax Net
Tenax 419594 Tenax Multi Purpose Net, Plastic, 4 x 50 Foot
Our Price: $32.99

This net can be used as a large pond cover, permanent fruit cage, animal run, or as a ball stop or field marker. Good for large area sport facilities such as tennis courts and golf courses, where fence height is important. Resistant to high-speed impacts, rust and UV rays. Mesh size: 0.75'' x 1''.
Tenax 001096 Tenax Deer Fence
Tenax 001096 Tenax Deer Fence, Plastic, 7-1/2 x 100 Foot
Our Price: $119.99

This professional-grade deer fence will not rust, rot or corrode. Specially stretched wide mesh mimics texture of cloth or welded wire. The wide openings enable optimal visibility and allow natural light through while knots at all four corners of each square make this fence extremely durable. Use around homes and gardens to protect against deer. Mesh size: 1.77'' x 1.97''.