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Our Price: $4.79

EF 310Z Automotive AC Oil Charger
EF 310Z Automotive AC Oil Charger, 2 oz Aerosol Can, Clear, 24 cP, 0.51, -29 deg C
Our Price: $7.99

Contains 2 oz. ISO 100 viscosity PAG oil and 2 oz. 134a refrigerant, plus conditioners that penetrate and rejuvenate o-rings, gaskets and other rubber connectors to improve durability.
EF 401P Auto AC Recharge Kit
EF 401P Auto AC Recharge Kit
Our Price: $9.99

Connects No.301 (480.6923) auto 134a refrigerant 12-oz. can to low-side service port. Brass threads, brass handle with stainless-steel piercing pin. Includes 90-degree thermoplastic quick-connect fitting with stainless-steel ball bearings for tight spots and metal can tap valve. On a card.
EF 401GMCS Recharge Hose With Gauge Handle
EF 401GMCS Recharge Hose With Gauge Handle
Our Price: $21.99

Reusable, with a low pressure gauge built into the handle and a dial pressure indicator to help charge to the correct fill level. It charges R-134a into the low-pressure service port using a 90 degree quick-couple fitting for tight spots around the low pressure service port. All metal construction.
EF 306/306Z Automotive Refrigerant
EF 306/306Z Automotive Refrigerant, 14 oz Aerosol Can, Clear, 21 cP, 0.86, -29 deg C
Our Price: $24.99

Lubricates and quiets noisy compressors, stops leaks to prevent refrigerant leakage and o-ring conditioner to improve durability. Recharge hose also contains a safety valve to prevent refrigerant from venting.  Contains 12 oz. of 134A Refrigerant, 2 oz. of PAG oil. With shelf-saver dispenser hose.
EF 345 Sub Zero Synthetic Refrigerant
EF 345 Sub Zero Synthetic Refrigerant, 18 oz Aerosol Can, Clear, 19 cP, 0.9, -29 deg C
Our Price: $37.99

Forms a protective film to decrease friction, reduce engine drag, prevent oxidation, and extend the working life of all moving parts, including the compressor. Can contains 134a refrigerant and Sub-Zero Synthetic A/C Booster. Reusable recharge hose with gauge handle checks low side pressure while adding any R-134a threaded top product.
EF LDS-1 Auto Stop Leak
STOP LEAK AUTO AC R134A 3OZ - Case of 12
Our Price: $95.88

Penetrates and rejuvenates all rubber parts of an auto air conditioner. Seals leaks in o-rings, gaskets, and other rubber connectors. Included red dye marks larger leaks. Contains PAG oil, 134a refrigerant and conditioners.
EF 301 Refrigerant
REFRIGERANT R134A 12OZ - Case of 12
Our Price: $119.88

For use in all factory-installed R-134A auto air conditioners and all R-12 air conditioners retrofitted to R-134A. ACME threaded top to work with No.401P (SKU 575.2423) recharge kit.
IDQ ACP-105 Formula Refrigerant With Advanced Stop Leak
Our Price: $131.94

Stop-leak with "MAX-SEAL" advanced dual chemistry provides longer-lasting sealing of typical rubber leaks in A/C O-rings, gaskets and hoses. Reconditions and rejuvenates A/C seals. Anti-corrosion additives help protect system against future metal leaks.
EF RLS-3 Automotive AC Refrigerant With Stop Leak/ UV Dye
STOP LEAK/ UV DYE R134A 10 OZ - Case of 6
Our Price: $137.94

Refrigerant plus conditioners that penetrate and rejuvenate O-rings, gaskets, and other rubber components to stop leaks. Includes shelf-saver dispenser for one time use and quick-coupler fitting.
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