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Wagner 0155208 Replacement Nap Roller Cover
Wagner 0155208 Paint Roller Cover, 3/4 in Thick Nap, 9 in L, Synthetic Cover
Our Price: $7.99

Our specially designed roller covers make clean up fast and easy. Simply replace after project is complete. more info
Edge Roller 0530000 Smart Trigger Roller With Trim Tool
Wagner 0530000 Smart Edge Roller, 3/8 in Nap
Our Price: $24.99

The SMART edge roller makes prep work easier and more enjoyable by eliminating hours of taping and cut-ins. The 3 in roller with adjustable trim tool is easy to load, easy to use for clean edges and easy to clean. more info
Wagner 0530003 Smart Roller
Wagner 0530003 Smart Roller, 3/8 in Nap, Polyester Cover, Plastic Handle
Our Price: $32.99

The SMART roller will transform your home faster than a traditional roller and with less mess. A simple squeeze of the ratchet power trigger directly feeds paint to the roller cover, eliminating the need for messy paint trays for refills. The roller is perfect for medium-sized projects and the extended handle lets you reach 8' ceilings with ease. more info
Wagner 0530004 Smart Flow Roller
Wagner 0530004 Smart Flow Roller, 3/8 in Nap
Our Price: $49.99

The SMART Flow roller saves you time and effort because it is faster than a traditional roller with less mess and provides an even finish from beginning to end. The roller's ergonomic design will reach ceilings and hard-to-reach places to get the job done without back-bending trips to the paint tray. more info