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Korky 528BP Anti-Siphon Fill Valve
Korky QuietFILL Series 528 Fill Valve, Plastic Body, Anti-Siphon: Yes
Our Price: $9.99

Designed to fix no/slow refilling, running and noisy toilets, the Korky QuietFILL toilet fill valve is quieter than other fill valves. It has a universal design to fit all brands and features a wide range of adjustability to fit most 2-piece and 1-piece toilets. The Quiet Fill fill valve is very easy to install and adjust, no tools are required. Simply remove your old fill valve or ballcock, insert your new Korky fill valve and adjust. The innovative twist-lock adjustment makes installation easy. Easy-to-install, the 528 toilet parts include - (1) toilet fill valve, (1) refill tube, (1) metal refill tube clip, (1) mounting nut, (1) cone washer, (1) coupling nut, (1) tamper proof key and (1) instructions. more info
Fluidmaster 400A Antisiphon Toilet Tank Fill Valve
Our Price: $9.99

Quiet, corrosion-resistant replacement for outdated ballcock, float ball and rod arm. Withstands harsh water and constant use. Fits most standard tanks including 1.6 gpf models. "Signals" leaks or water waste by automatically turning on/off during periods of non-use.  Backflow preventer guards against toilet water contamination of fresh water supply. Turn-and-lock cap for easy seal replacement - no tools needed. Water level adjusts easily for ideal flush. Easy to install, no special tools required. Meets all anti-siphon codes. more info
Danco 80008 Toilet Fill Valve, Plastic Body, Anti-Siphon: Yes, For: Most Toilets, Excluding 1-Piece Low-Boys
Our Price: $10.99

Replacing your worn out fill valve can save water and money. This Danco anti-syphon fill valve has a one piece design that is easy to install. It is made of durable plastic that will endure the rigors of everyday use. more info
Next by DANCO HydroClean HC550 Toilet Fill Valve, Plastic Body, Anti-Siphon: Yes
Our Price: $13.99

HC550 HydroClean toilet fill valve saves water and detects leaks. It Installs quickly and easily without tools, eliminating guesswork. The easy calibration assures a full flush power. It is designed for areas of the country where the water supply is free of iron, bacteria, sediment and other particulate matter and does not need the tank cleaning turbo jet technology offered with the HydroClean HC660 model. more info
Korky WaterWISE 528Z Fill Valve, TPE Body, Anti-Siphon: Yes, For: Toilet Tanks
Our Price: $14.99

Designed to minimize costly water loss, the fill valve is the only dual shut-off fill valve that detects toilet flapper leaks and hang-ups. Saves water due to leaks by not refilling the tank during a slow toilet flapper valve leak and automatically shuts off if flapper is stuck open. Designed to fit more toilets, this toilet fill valve adjusts from 7-3/4 to 13-1/2 in, fitting large and small tanks. The fill valve is proven quieter than other fill valves. Easy-to-install, the 528Z toilet parts include - (1) 528z toilet fill valve, (1) refill tube, (1) metal refill tube clip, (1) mounting nut, (1) cone washer, (1) coupling nut, (1) tamper proof key and (1) instructions. more info
Danco HC660 Hydroclean
Next by DANCO HydroClean HC660 Toilet Fill Valve, Rubber Body, Anti-Siphon: No
Our Price: $14.99

The HC660 Hydro Clean? toilet fill valve solves the two biggest reasons for water loss in toilets; miscalibration and leaks. It easily calibrates to adjust the exact amount of water needed in the tank, refills quickly and jets clean the tank. A unique feature is the leak detection and signals when a leak is found. It is designed to fit most standard toilets and the height can be adjusted from 11 to 13.8 in The HC660 installs easily without tools. more info
Next by DANCO HydroClean HC630T Toilet Fill Valve, ABS Body, Anti-Siphon: No
Our Price: $14.99

The water-saving fill valve calibrates the amount of water being sent to the bowl during the tank refilling process. This calibration helps to save the amount of water used. It also detects leaks and signals when a leak is found. more info
Fluidmaster 400LSRP4 Toilet Fill Valve
FLUIDMASTER Leak Sentry 400LSRP4 Pro Toilet Fill Valve, Anti-Siphon: Yes
Our Price: $15.99

Save water and prevent a running toilet with a Leak Sentry? universal water saving toilet fill valve. This revolutionary toilet fill valve includes a water saving roller clamp to make sure that the right amount of water goes into the bowl with every flush. It's also the only toilet fill valve with active leak detection, preventing a toilet from leaking without the homeowner having to take any special action. Excellent of all, when there's no leak in the tank, it works just like a 400A toilet fill valve, so you know you'll get consistent performance flush after flush. more info
Plumb Pak K830-15 Toilet Fill Valves
Keeney K830-15 Toilet Fill Valve, Metal/Plastic/Rubber Body, Anti-Siphon: Yes, For: Standard 2 Piece Toilets
Our Price: $15.99

Features low-profile design, twist knob adjustment for water level control. Includes metal refill tube clip, rubber cone washer, rubber refill tube, plastic lock nut, plastic washer. Fits standard two-piece toilets. more info
FLUIDMASTER PerforMAX Series 400H-002-P10 Fill Valve, Plastic Body, Anti-Siphon: Yes
Our Price: $15.99

Fluidmaster 400H ? toilet fill valve is one of the most quietest fill valve with the most powerful flush. The 400H comes with both tank and bowl water control for a more powerful flush. The adjustability of the bowl water helps this valve work in all older as well as newer toilets. If your toilet is slow filling, noisy or is running constantly, then replace your fill valve with the Fluidmaster PerforMAX? 400H valve. more info
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