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Swiffer 40509 Duster Starter Kit
Swiffer 11804 Duster Starter Kit, Fiber Head, Plastic Handle, 6 in L Handle
Our Price: $5.99

Use anywhere you normally dust, as well as on windowsills, blinds, cabinets, leather, computer keyboards and much more. Dust sponges have soft, fluffy fibers that can change shape to fit wherever it must go. A flexible plastic handle allows extra reach in both small places and large areas. Accepts refill #.41767 (SKU 471-5025). Box of 5. more info
Homebasix YB88113L Handy Duster
Simple Spaces YB88113L Handy Duster, 4-1/2 in W in Head, Plastic Head, PP/TPE Handle, 5 in L Handle, White/Blue
Our Price: $6.99

This Simple Spaces duster has a white plastic with blue ergonomic handle. The fibers create electrostatic charge. It's ideal for dusting furniture counter tops, cabinetry and more. more info
Quickie 436-3/72 Flexible Static Duster
Our Price: $7.59

Abundant fibers attract dust like a magnet. The fiber is twisted onto metal wire. Flexible head for dusting ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach places. Comfort grip handle with convenient hang-up feature. PVC bristles. more info
Quickie 419M Fluffy Duster
Our Price: $7.99

Microfiber reaches and grabs onto dirt and dust, trapping it within the web of fibers. Ultra-soft, ultra-dense microfiber completely envelopes surfaces, making it particularly effective on delicate, intricately detailed objects and surfaces. Extra long weave and flexible head reach into every nook and cranny to clean and dust. Ergonomic grip with rubberized soft touch fits comfortably in hand, and allows for extended periods of dusting without cramping or fatigue setting in. more info
Unger 962680 Professional Dryer Vent Brush
Unger 978290 Dryer Vent Brush, 30 in OAL
Our Price: $8.99

Reaches deep into dryers and vents to remove lint and fuzz and reduce the risk of fire. Flexible wire allows for easy reach into vents, between appliances and other tight spaces. more info
Swiffer 41767 Duster Refill
Swiffer 21459 Duster Refill, Fiber Head
Our Price: $10.99

Soft, fluffy duster cloth refill with fibers that grab dirt and lock it away. Use with duster kit No. 44750 (sku 531.8241) or No. 40509 (sku 949.5516). more info
Swiffer 44750 Cleaning Duster
Our Price: $11.99

Swiffer dusters combined with 3' extendable handle to allow cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Pivoting duster head adjusts and locks into 4 different positions for cleaning angled surfaces like ceiling fans, cabinet corners, and baseboards. Accepts refill No.41767 (SKU 471.5025). Includes 3 dusters and 1 extension handle. more info
Quickie 408 Professional Bench Brush
Quickie 408 Bench Brush
Our Price: $11.99

Plastic handle with flagged poly fibers. Oversized for large table top cleaning. Convenient hang-up feature. more info
Unger 989350 Wide Blind Duster, 3 in Head, Microfiber Head, 6 in L Handle, Blue/White
Our Price: $11.99

Dusts wide blinds and window treatments with Unger's wide blind duster. The adjustable head allows cleaning from multiple angles. It features a cushioned, non-slip grip and machine washable sleeve. Use it either handheld or attached to a telescopic pole. Part of the Unger locking system. more info
Rubbermaid FG634200SILV Counter Brush, Silver Bristle, 12-1/2 in OAL, Yellow Handle
Our Price: $12.99

For sweeping counters and quick clean-ups. The polypropylene bristles are split-tipped to remove fine dirt and dust from polished or waxed surfaces. The plastic structural foam block and handle resist cracking, warping and bacteria growth. 8 in bristle coverage. 12-1/2 in Overall length. more info
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