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Swan SNR015FM Remnant Garden Hose
SWAN SNR015FM Garden Hose, 11 to 19 ft L, Vinyl
Our Price: $13.99

Vinyl reinforced hose with brass hose ends. Random pieces either 5/8 in or 3/4 in ID range from 11 to 19 ft L. more info
Swan Fairlawn Water Saver Light Duty Garden Hose
SWAN SNFA12025 Garden Hose, 25 ft L, Plastic, Green
Our Price: $14.99

Ideal for occasional garden chores. 3-ply construction uses nylon reinforcement for good burst resistance. A solid high impact plastic female coupling makes attaching the hose to the spigot a snap. more info
Landscapers Select GH-585013L Garden Hose, 25 ft L, Female x Male, PVC, Green
Our Price: $18.99

Flexible, economical and durable. Solid brass couplings and sure-grip connector. Anti-kinking sleeve and PVC outer jacket. UV and abrasion-resistant. more info
Colorite/Swan SNWF58025 Weather Flex Garden Hoses
SWAN SNWF58025 Garden Hose, 25 ft L, Green
Our Price: $19.99

4-ply design for lasting durability. Offers excellent kink resistance and knit reinforcing for flexibility. more info
Gilmour 15 Reinforced Garden Hose With Full-Flo Brass Couplings
Gilmour 816251-1001 Medium-Duty Hose, 5/8 in, 25 ft L, Coupling, Vinyl, Blue
Our Price: $19.99

Lightweight, yet durable. Easy to maneuver around your outdoor spaces for routine watering and cleaning. more info
SWAN CELUN12010 Universal Leader Hose, 1/2 in, 10 ft L, Female, PVC, Green
Our Price: $19.99

With female couplings on both ends and a male adapter connected to one end, SWAN's Element-brand Universal+? hose provides every coupling combination for all of your garden hose needs. This utility hose is ideal for extending your garden hose, as a connector hose for a hose reel, as a soaker system leader hose and as a dehumidifier drain hose. This 10 ft. universal hose is also excellent for any short-length watering application, so you can water small jobs in small spaces with ease. This heavy-duty universal hose also provides a strong 400+ psi burst strength, crush-resistant couplings and is constructed of a unique compound for extreme kink-resistance. SWAN's patented Hose Armour? also prevents kinking at the water source. In terms of flexibility, the Universal+ hose is considered the most flexible utility hose on the market, with outstanding performance even in cold weather. And since it's the Element brand, you're guaranteed the water running through this heavy-duty leader hose is safe to drink and compliant with California's strict phthalate-content standards. To add to its versatility, our heavy-duty utility hose is compatible with all standard faucets, hose reels, sprinklers and soaker-hose systems. more info
Landscapers Select BL5820025HM Garden Hoses
Landscapers Select BL5820025HM Garden Hose, 25 ft L, Female x Male, PVC, Green
Our Price: $21.99

4-ply construction for bursting strength. Solid brass coupling. Anti-kinking sleeve. UV and abrasion-resistant PVC outer jacket. more info
Swan Fairlawn Water Saver Light Duty Garden Hose
SWAN SNFA12050 Garden Hose, 50 ft L, Plastic, Green
Our Price: $22.99

The SWAN water saver 50 ft garden hose is the ideal choice for light-duty in your outdoor paradise. This is a garden hose for low-pressure needs and it is an environment-friendly water-saving hose that is ideal for watering delicate potted or hanging plants. The 50 ft of durable material make this light-duty garden hose as economical as it is efficient. When cared for properly, it can serve you for years. Sometimes, a low water pressure garden hose is preferable for the delicate jobs that your landscaping requires. SWAN hoses are prized by home gardeners for their exceptional quality and reliability and this 50 ft. Light-duty garden hose continues SWAN's tradition for integrity. more info
Colorite/Swan MRV12025 Garden Hoses
SWAN MRV12025 Water Hose, 1/2 in ID, 25 ft L, White
Our Price: $22.99

This 25 ft 1/2 in RV and marine drinking water hose is designed for a variety of applications when you are on the boat or a road trip. The 300 psi burst strength will ensure that you can use a strong water flow for a variety of tasks, whether you need to rinse off the dirt and stains from the deck of your yacht or quickly fill up the drinking water tank. This drinking water hose is lead- and phthalate-free and the water supplied from it doesn't have any additional odors or chemical tastes. As with any other drinking water hose, we recommend that for the best results you rinse the hose from inside with 1 to 2 gal of water before the first use. With a 1/2 in Dia octagonal female coupling, it will fit most standard water supply sources and the patented Hose Amour will protect it from breaking at the connection. Both the female and the male couplings are made with lightweight durable aluminum and designed to withstand accidental damage. With only 2.54 lb of weight and great flexibility characteristics, this RV and marine water hose is easy to carry, store and transport. more info
Flexogen 10 Lightweight Garden Hose
Gilmour 874251-1001 Garden Hose, 25 ft L, Gray
Our Price: $24.99

The strongest, lightest hose in its class, Flexogen? delivers excellent all-around performance for your lawn, garden, deck and driveway. Count on a Flexogen? garden hose to curve without kinking, connect without leaking and hold up season upon season. more info
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