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Safer 02006 Jacket Bait
Safer 02006 Yellow Jacket Trap Bait, Solid, Spicy Meat
Our Price: $5.99

The Safer? Brand Deluxe Yellow Jacket? trap bait lures yellow jackets to the trap, ultimately trapping them. Bait is pesticide-free. more info
Spectracide 16905-7 Trap Lure, Floral
Our Price: $6.99

Contains one dual floral and sex lure system. Lasts all season. Contains Sex lure 0.47% (R,Z)-5-(1-Decenyl) dihydro-2-(3H)-furanone. Floral lure 9.9% Phenylethyl Propionate, 9.9% Geraniol, 23.1% Eugenol. more info
Safer 70006 Trap Bait
Safer 70006 Japanese Beetle Bait, Solid, Fruity
Our Price: $6.99

The Safer? brand replacement bait for the Safer? brand Japanese beetle trap (70102) uses a food and sex attractant to lure insects into the trap and disrupt the mating cycle of destructive Japanese Beetles. This Japanese beetle bait uses no sprays and has no mess. Under ordinary weather conditions, this bait should last about 12 weeks. more info
J.T. Eaton 444 Stick-A-Fly Fly Traps
J.T. EATON Stick-A-Fly 444 Fly Trap, Solid, Petrol, 1 Pack
Our Price: $6.99

Stick-A-Fly? fly traps are the versatile solution for fly control with various mounting and hanging options and includes a fly lure for a higher catch rate. more info
Bag-A-Bug 56901 Japanese Beetle Trap
Spectracide 56901 Japanese Beetle Trap, Solid, Floral, Yellow
Our Price: $7.59

Use of the Japanese beetle's natural sex attractant for trapping is an ideal method to aid in the control of the insect through its own natural biology. It provides a means compatible with the environment and also helps avoid the indiscriminate use of harmful chemicals. The natural sex attractant, when used together with a proven floral lure, can attract from two to five times as many beetles as the commonly available floral lure alone. more info
RESCUE JBTR-DB12 Japanese Beetle Trap Refill Cartridge
Our Price: $7.59

Meet the beetles! They show up in summer for an 8 weeks party in your backyard - and they are the worst guests. Japanese and Oriental beetles destroy over 300 varieties of ornamental plants. Stop the party with our season long solution. more info
Safer 70102 Beetle Trap
Safer 70102 Japanese Beetle Trap, Solid, Fruity Box
Our Price: $7.99

The Safer? brand Japanese beetle trap uses a food and sex attractant to lure Japanese beetles into the trap and in turn, disrupt the mating cycle. A controlled release system maximizes the life of the attractant and protects it from environmental degradation. There are no sprays and no mess with this easy-to-use trap. more info
Victor Poison Free M362 Insect Trap
Victor M362 Yellow Jacket Trap, Fruity
Our Price: $8.69

Control yellow jackets, flies and fruit flies with the Victor? Poison Free? yellow jacket & flying insect trap. Ideal to use for picnics, camping and cookouts, this trap is easy-to-use and reusable. Natural bait contains carbohydrates and protein, not hazardous sprays or aerosols and is effective in all geographic regions. more info
PIC WTRP Reusable Jacket and Wasp Trap
Pic WTRP Wasp and Hornet Trap, 1
Our Price: $8.99

Six entry tunnels attract from all directions. Special design lures insects, once in-never out. Works all day-everyday. No chemicals, no poisons. Durable, use it again and again. more info
Spectracide HG-95597 Ant Shield Stake
Spectracide HG-65597 Ant Shield Stake, Solid, Peanut
Our Price: $8.99

Spectracide Ant Shield Stake, Solid Form, Peanut Odor/Scent, Brown/Tan, Compositions: Indoxacarb, 5.8 pH more info
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