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Woodstream M150 Mouse Trap
Victor M150 Mouse Trap, 3.7 in L, 1.7 in W, 0.6 in H
Our Price: $1.69

Reliable metal bait pedal to handle gumdrops, peanut butter, cheese or other natural mouse attractants. more info
Victor Easy Set M035 Mouse Trap
Victor Easy Set M035 Mouse Trap
Our Price: $1.99

Swiss cheese pedal requires no baiting. Trigger is infused with a scent mice find irresistible. more info
Victor M180C Glue Board 5 in W X 8-3/4 in D
Victor Hold-Fast M180FR Mouse Glue Board, Glue Locking
Our Price: $2.39

The Victor? Hold-Fast? mouse glue board is a highly effective method for trapping and securely holding mice and crawling insects that invade your home. The glue boards can be used alone, folded or used with your TIN CAT? or refillable glue tray, giving you a wide range of placement options. Easy-to-use and pre-baited with a synthetic peanut butter scent, each mouse trap has a large glue surface proven to catch and hold rodents. more info
J.T. Eaton 406XT Mouse Trap With Expanded Trigger
J.T. EATON 406XT Snap Trap, 4 in W, 1-1/2 in H
Our Price: $2.99

The Little Bigfoot? wooden mouse trap is ideal for individuals who want simple, tried-and-true pest control. more info
HARRIS BLKRAT-1 Rat and Mouse Glue Trap
Our Price: $3.29

HARRIS Rat and Mouse Glue Trap, Cardboard, Suitable for: Mice, Rats more info
Victor M182 Mouse Glue Board
Our Price: $3.49

Victor Mouse Glue Board, Odor/Scent: Mild, Clear more info
PIC GMT-4F Ready-To-Use Glue Trap
Pic GMT-4F Glue Trap
Our Price: $3.79

No poisons or bait needed. No spring, no snaps, no hurt fingers. Disposal, sanitary/ready to use. Place where needed - discard pest and trap. Works for crawling insects, too. more info
Victor Quick Set M130 Mouse Trap
Victor Quick-Set Series M137 Mouse Trap
Our Price: $3.99

Easy mouse trap to set and bait. Sets and releases with one simple click. Quick kill contains a power bar designed for a quick, humane kill. Can be used around food, water, children and pets. more info
Victor Hold-Fast M668HDB Mouse Trap, 5.9 in L, 4.3 in W, Glue Locking
Our Price: $3.99

Victor? Hold-Fast? mouse glue traps attract and securely hold mice and insects. Each trap is 100% disposable which allows for simple clean ups. The glue is scented with peanut butter to tempt pests into venturing onto the traps where they will remain until the time of disposal. Simply place your trap wherever you notice pest activity and wait for the trap to do the work for you. Rest assured that kids and pets will not be harmed with the poison-free glue formula. The most innovative aspect of the Victor? Hold-Fast? mouse glue traps is its bendable design. The trap can be folded to into nearly any shape to accommodate being placed in a variety of areas such as in between appliances, under furniture or in corners of various rooms. The trap can even be folded into a tent shape to prevent dust, dirt or debris from settling on the trap, while also reducing the chance of children and pets from touching the sticky surface. more info
PIC GRT-2F All Weather Ready-To-Use Glue Trap
Pic GRT-2F Glue Trap, 5-1/4 in W, 11 in H
Our Price: $4.59

Pic? Mouse and rat glue traps are traditional approaches to catching rodents. Carefully place the glue board or glue trays against the wall where rodents commonly run in the area you know you have an infestation and wait for your catch. more info
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